Introducing..... KADIE BUQUOI

Photo by Joe Lambie

Photo by Joe Lambie

As many of you know, I have a finished project in the can (The Black). It’s a (kinda dark) singer/songwriter album, produced by Pendulum Music (Scott Nickoley & Ryan Franks), and it is THE musical product of my 20’s. While I’ve released other music in this decade, the blood, sweat, and tears from this project far surpasses anything else I’ve worked on. In my last post I briefly mentioned the importance of separating brand identity from personal identity, and that was a lesson I didn’t learn until around the time I finished recording The Black.

Part of the need for this brand separation is that I have been working to build my legal name “Katelyn Benton” as a session/live musician for hire, a professional songwriter/composer, and above all, a human person. The Black is a pop/singer-songwriter album and will need its own clear ideology that might not speak to the people googling me for session/live work. It’s essential for marketing/branding that all of my marketable projects/services have clear separation from one another.

This is why I have decided to release The Black under the pseudonym, “Kadie Buquoi” The last name (pronounced Bu-Kwa) is my maternal grandmother’s maiden name, and a nod to my Cajun heritage. Kadie is spelled with a d instead of a t because it looks cooler, and the gmail name was already taken.

The Kadie Buquoi brand will be soft launching over the next couple of months. Kadie Buquoi has an Instagram, Facebook, and Website. I’ll wait here while you go ahead and “Follow” + “Like” + “turn on notifications” ;-)

Good! Now you will receive original video/photo content and stay in the loop about the release of The Black this Fall.

The Katelyn Benton music page will still exist, and will still feature original content and updates on other projects I’m working on.

I know some of you are still trying to pronounce Buquoi correctly, but once you do it’s actually really fun to say. Try it…


"Kadie Buquoi"