Oh, hi!

First of all, I can't believe it's June 2016 already. HOW did that happen? I have been mostly off the map for much of the last 3 years, at least as far as being a content creator goes. I needed to take a break to address life stuff, and to reconsider my vision of myself as an artist.

I started releasing content when I was 12. My best friend Sarah and I released our single, "Turn This World Around" which was inspired by the Columbine High School Shootings which had just occurred. From then on, I have been writing and performing music. I love to write and perform, but I didn't know anything about branding, or the importance of establishing my creative projects as entities separate from myself. My life projected itself onto my work, and vice versa, and I never had a crystal clear vision of what I really wanted, aside from a prosperous career in music.

I had my artistic goals and career goals intertwined when there should have been clear boundaries between the two. I felt there was no other way to regain clarity than to allow myself to consider a life without music as my profession. After some time off, I had a few unprovoked musical opportunities that challenged me, and reminded me that I do have marketable qualities as a working musician. Since then, my work has kept me busy, and I'm grateful for this. I concentrated for a while on my work alone, and continued to give space to my art.  After many months of this, I began to feel my creative energy percolating again, and with a renewed sense of enjoyment, I have turned back to my own music, writing, and creative projects. 

I have definitely been "grinding it out" (as we would say in ultra-running). It hasn't been pretty, so I haven't exactly been sharing a lot. That's going to change though. Thanks for all of your support over the past few years and the many years before. I appreciate you so much. <3