Piano/Music Lessons

A Non-Traditional Approach to Learning Piano

  • Non-traditional approach that does not rely on written theory, reading music, or hours of weekly practice time
  • Learn by doing - through exercises in the lesson, begin to understand the basics of piano and music structure
  • Great for kids who want to explore piano lessons without the pressure of a classical setting
  • Great for adults who feel they have an aptitude for music, but don’t have an interest in Classical training
  • 50 or 30 minute lessons available

Lessons involve different exercises that work to develop rhythm, ear training, agility, and right/left hand coordination. Lessons do not rely on heavy practice requirements or written homework.

These lessons are ideal for students who already feel they have a musical aptitude and want to learn to develop their musical potential, but don’t have a personality or lifestyle conducive to a strict daily practice routine or a traditional (dry/boring/intimidating) piano lesson environment.

I aim to establish a new and positive connection to music, and because of this, creating an enjoyable lesson experience for my students is a top priority. My methods may include teaching theory, but only when I feel a student is ready to grasp the concept in practice. If you’re looking for a teacher who implements a more classical approach (heavy focus on theory and reading from the get go) I’m not a good fit. However, I believe this would be a good precursor to traditional lessons if you want to pursue that in the future.

About Me (Katelyn)

  • Classically trained pianist
  • Berklee College of Music Graduate / World Scholarship Recipient
  • Winner of Best Classical Performance at the 2001 World Championships of Performing Arts
  • Professional pianist and vocalist for recorded projects and live performances
  • Recently featured on FOX's SuperHuman for musical ear
  • Resume

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